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Powerland Invited to Participate in FuTian New Energy Research Institute

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Nov. 11th, 2017: Powerland Invited to Participate in Fu Tian New Energy Research Institute

On November 11th , Powerland as one of the quality suppliers of the on-board power supply, it was a great honor to be invited to participate in the speech and technology exchange activities of BeiQi FuTian research institute .

CEO Dr. Xu Ming shared the high power on-board Power IC —— new energy passenger charging and DC/DC modular solution, displayed the leading series of products, including 1kW, 1.2kW and 3.4 kW power supply.

Powerland was based on modular design idea of patented PEBB (Power Electronics Building Block) of high-power on-board Power IC, realizing charging and DC - DC Power in high integration of the topology and control function, and promoting of new energy vehicle system integration flexibility, reliability and efficiency of energy conversion, implement 5 ~ 10 times the Power density. High Power IC can quickly match various on-board Power supply architecture and cooling mode, and provide the next generation new energy vehicle high reliability on-board Power electronic solutions.

Powerland's innovation strength, advanced technology, excellent quality, caused FuTian new energy technology center relevant colleagues' attention, giving high evaluation for our "modular, small size, integration" products .

Powerland walk into the futian institute for new energy research successful end of activity, and thank him for all attention. We are committed to building more reliable, more general, more compact, more efficient, more intelligent, more accelerated, and more environmentally power modules.

For more insight of Powerland's Lithium energy conversion technologies and solutions, please contact +86-25-85582306 or sales@powerlandtech.com.

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