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"Oasis-G"Series 85W 12~64V Chargers

Powerland's “Oasis-G” series 85W general purpose Li-ion battery charger is designed with CoC V5, DoE Level VI efficiency standard, high reliability and super long life time. This series of chargers cover the output voltage of 12~64V, suitable for a wide application with 4~15 Li-ion battery cells in series, such as electric tools, e-scooters, e-bikes, Li-ion battery packs etc.

30V Battery 750W Fully Sealed Series

Powerland's 750W/30V multifunction Lead-Acid battery charger is designed with built-in intelligent control and circuit designs, providing performances of high power density, high reliability, and high efficiency. The module is designed with perfect thermal management, anti-shock technique, and long life time. 

"Diamond"Series 48V/60V/72V 1000W~2400W Li-Ion Battery Chargers

Powerland’s “Diamond” series 48V/60V/72V 1000W~2400W Li-Ion battery chargers are designed with ultra high efficiency, as well as metal case enclosure with fan. The extraordinary performances of low power dissipation and water proof provide the charger high reliability and super long life time. This charger offers solid and safe power conversions for applications such as electric motorcycles, e-boat, e-machines, etc.