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GSL series 680W programmable LED drive power supply

The 680W LED driver power supply is equipped with dimming programming function, which can adjust the output voltage and current through the programmer to improve the flexibility of customers. The self-contained 12V/200mA auxiliary power supply can supply power to the enclosure equipment. With knob dimming function, the output power can be adjusted manually. At the same time, it is compatible with 0-10V/PWM/resistor three dimming modes.

SMT Series 800W Intelligent Dimming Driver

SMT series 600W/720W/800W intelligent dimming driver with programmable output current, is designed for 0-10V/PWM/resistance dimming applications.

PAL Series 40W/60W LED Driver

Powerland PAL series 40W/60W LED driver has ultra-compact design, constant current output, lightning protection and all-round protection