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20~50.3V 1000W dual output intelligent charger

Powerland's 1000W lithium battery charger is designed with fully enclosed plastic case, which has ultra-high efficiency, high reliability and ultra-long life, and is widely used in electric vehicles, electric motorcycles, etc.

10kW 3-Phase Input Wide-Range Output Series

Powerland's 10kW wide-range output voltage charger is designed with three-phase input, as well as full metal case enclosure.  The excellent power conversion efficiency and thermal management provide the standard chargers ultra high reliability and super long life time. 

25~86V On-Board and Off-Board 360~1500W Programmable Chargers

Powerland's 840W and 1000W Li-ion battery chargers are designed with ultra high efficiency. The extraordinary performances of low power dissipation provide the charger high reliability and super long life time.