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ICE Series 350~800W LED Drivers Power Supply

The “ICE” family of LED drivers from FSP-Powerland Technology Inc. is an ultra-high-efficiency outdoor LED driver targeted toward horticulture lights, fishing lights, sports lights, and other outdoor LED applications. The output programmability and wired/wireless controllability through Bluetooth or Zigbee (optional) makes the system solution very flexible. Powerland's patented energy conversion technology boosts the efficiency to an unprecedented level at 97% with a long life time at 70,000 hours at the operating temperature of 75oC. These LED drivers are built with an ingress grade at IP67, and all-around protections such as short circuit, over voltage, over temperature, short circuit, and 5.5kV/11kV lightning protections.

SLL series 320W programmable LED driver power supply

320W LED driver power supply is equipped with dimming programming function, which can adjust the output voltage and current through the programmer to improve the flexibility of customers. The self-contained 12V/200mA auxiliary power supply can supply power to the enclosure equipment. With knob dimming function, the output power can be adjusted manually. At the same time, it is compatible with 0-10V/PWM/resistor three dimming modes.

320W High-AC-Voltage Programmable All-in-one Dimming Series

Powerland's 320W High-AC-Voltage Programmable Series offers digital programmable drivers with wide-range adjustable output current, together with 12V/100mA auxiliary output (optional) for smart lighting. The output current of this series are programmable, and designed for 0(1)-10V/PWM/External resistor dimming applications.