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102V Battery 720W Fully Sealed Series

Powerland's 720W is a 2-stageconstant current / constant voltage charger for use in charging Li-Ionbattery systems used in Electric Vehicles. The module is designed with perfect thermal management, anti-shock technique, and long life time. 

3.4kW 122V High Density On-Board Charger

Powerland's 3.4kW Li-ion battery charger is designed with ultra high power density, as well as full metal case enclosure. The excellent power conversion efficiency and thermalmanagement provides the on-board standard charger ultra high reliability and super long life time. 

48V 280W/330W/360W "Black Nugget" Series

Powerland's 48V 280/330/360W Li-Ion battery chargers are designed with ultra high efficiency, as well as full metal case enclosure. The extraordinary performances of low power dissipation and water proof provide the chargershigh reliability and super long life time.