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3kW Three-Phase Constant Current PSU

This 3kW constant current power source is tailored  for long-distance underwater power transfer and distribution. Its unique power conversion architecture ensures convenient  and reliable voltage balancing among up to 6 modules in series. This outstanding product also features high output precision,  ultra-low current ripple,  control intelligence and fault diagnosis.

Caesars Series 230~400W ACDC

"Caser" series 230-400W AC/DC modules use PPU ™ Power module architecture design. This product adopts an ultra-thin design, with a thickness of only 25.5mm, and features high power density, high conversion efficiency, and high reliability. The "Caesar Series" supports fanless natural heat dissipation and 1+1 parallel function, making it easy to use and easy to expand power.

10kW/550V Low Profile DC/DC Converter(350~450V)

This standard DC/DC converter is a low-profile pen-frame design for high power military/automobile applications.  It converts 600~750V DC source into 50~560V adjustable output with constant current limiting capability. It supports up to 10 units in parallel. It is deemed to be a reliable and low profile solution for military/automobile applications with water-cooling thermal management.