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Powerland 2kw DCDC is an isolated DC/DC power supply with PMBus function. The DC input voltage is 360-400V, the rated output current is 167A, the output DC voltage is 12V, and the rated total output power is 2KW. The power module is designed as an Open Frame and is immersed in coolant, which heats the device through phase change. This power supply has functions such as input overvoltage/undervoltage protection, output overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, and over temperature protection.

3kW~4.2kW Wide Input Range DC/DC Series for EV Air Conditioning System

Powerland's EVD Series 3kW~4.2kW DC/DC power supplies for E-Vehicles & Li-Ion batteries application are designed with extended protection functions, next-generation semiconductor power devices, and extraordinary thermal management. It is the industry's first design to cover the full input voltage range of the on-board air conditioning system, fitting a wide variety of electric vehicles.

“Marble” Fully Sealed Series 300W/500W DC/DC Converter

Powerland Marble series 500W DC/DC is a ruggedized converter suitable for electric vehicle, marine, industrial and other applications which draw power from a bank of batteries or other high voltage DC power source that experiences high output surge current need. This series is designed with compact size, high efficiency and high reliability. It offers solid and safe power conversions to supply accessories, lights, and other equipment on electrical bike, electrical motorcycle and other DC/DC applications.