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10kW/550V Low Profile DC/DC Converter(350~450V)

This standard DC/DC converter is a low-profile pen-frame design for high power military/automobile applications.  It converts 600~750V DC source into 50~560V adjustable output with constant current limiting capability. It supports up to 10 units in parallel. It is deemed to be a reliable and low profile solution for military/automobile applications with water-cooling thermal management.

20kW centralized power supply AC/DC modules

Powerland’s 20kW centralized power supply AC/DC charging modules are designed with high power density, high efficiency as well as high reliability. With wide output voltage from 200 to 1000Vdc, the charging module is able to handle a wide range of standard worldwide output voltages. This series of charging modules are able to compose charging cabinet by single or several modules. It offers solid and safe power conversions for applications such as LED power supply cabinet

3kW Three-Phase Constant Current PSU

This 3kW constant current power source is tailored  for long-distance underwater power transfer and distribution. Its unique power conversion architecture ensures convenient  and reliable voltage balancing among up to 6 modules in series. This outstanding product also features high output precision,  ultra-low current ripple,  control intelligence and fault diagnosis.