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EVD Series 2.5kW250-450V Input Integrated On-Board DCDC Module

Poweland’s “Atlas” series 2.5kW DC/DC module for EV on-board integrated DC/DC system converts the high voltage of battery into low voltage and provides energy for the low-voltage power consumption system on the vehicle. With PCB integration technology and magnetic integration technology, the power density reaches up to 12.3kW/L. Paralleling function can be used to achieve higher power. Featured with high power density, high efficiency and high reliability, this series offers solid and safe power conversions for EV and hybrid EV.

100 W non-isolated bidirectional DC/DC converter

This converter can perform bidirectional power transmission between 5~20 Vdc and 30~54.6 Vdc, with USB-PD 3.1 and C-type ports, high efficiency, and high temperature resistance.

120W Switching Power Supply

Powerland 120W switching power supply is a DC to DC, single output converter.