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"Pegasus"Series 2.5KW Bi-directional Energy Storage DCDC

Powerland's 2500W isolated bi-directional DCDC converter allows bi-directional power transfer between 300-450Vdc high voltage (HV) and 28-58.4Vdc low voltage (LV). The converter supports current control and can switch between boost and buck operating states via CAN communication..

132W switch power supply

This product is a DC to DC, dual output converter with an input voltage of 36-80Vdc and an output power of 132W. It has the characteristics of high efficiency and high reliability.

150W DC/DC Switching Mode Power Supply Series

Powerland's 150W DC/DC switching mode power supply is designed with 12V/10A (output1) &12V/2A (output 2) two outputs DC-DC converter.