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390W Wide Input Range DC/DC Converters EVD Series

Powerland's EVD Series 390W DC/DC power supplies is designed with extremely wide input range and high reliability. This series is for the application such as industry/mining, wind power, harbor power and railway.

EVD Series 3kW Bi-Directional DC/DC Converters

Powerland's 3kW bi-directional DC/DC power supply is designed with extended protection functions, the next-generation semiconductor power devices, and the extraordinary thermal management. The bi-directional energy flow with CAN communication interface make the converter feasible for a wide variety of electric vehicles.

3.3kW DC/DC Module Series

Powerland's 3.3kW DC/DC modules is based on the PPU™ (Power Processing Unit) intelligent building block technology. The 10kW and 66kW system utilizes 3.3/6.6kW PPU modules in parallel to realize higher power output within a ultra small size. This series of PPU features with high reliability, high power density, high efficiency and high thermal performance.