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42/50W Flicker-Free "Pickle-Mate" Series

Powerland s 42/50W Series LED drivers offer dual-channel, flicker-free, programmable and wide-range dimmable output current LED Driver with less than 5% current ripple at 108~305Vac universal input. The output currents of this series are adjustable at 0-1400mA with dual complementary constant current outputs for color temperature tuning, and designed for 0(0.5)-10V/PWM/Rest dimming applications. Two output channels can also be parallelled together for single channel output applications with all-round dimming capability. It also offers optional 12V auxiliary power which is isolated from main output.

600W Non-Isolated DCDC Driver

Powerland 600W non-isolated DCDC is widely used in grow lights systems and can support the power supply cabinet to supply LED power.

EPC Series 40~120W Explosion Proof Lights LED Drivers

Powerland's 40~120W LED explosion proof lights LED driver EPC series, using Powerland's latest patented technology, with high efficiency, high power density, ultra-small size. The series are complete in power band, with dimming and non-dimming solutions available, covering mainstream applications. Highly reliable solution design and production management control have been recognized by customers and entered Sinopec system.