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20kW centralized power supply AC/DC modules

Powerland’s 20kW centralized power supply AC/DC charging modules are designed with high power density, high efficiency as well as high reliability. With wide output voltage from 200 to 1000Vdc, the charging module is able to handle a wide range of standard worldwide output voltages. This series of charging modules are able to compose charging cabinet by single or several modules. It offers solid and safe power conversions for applications such as LED power supply cabinet

42~50W DIP Settable 0-10V Dimming Series

Powerland's 42/50W 0-10V Dimming and Current DIP Settable Series offers constant current LED drivers with wide-range dimmable output current and 90~305/108~305Vac universal input. The output current of this series is settable with a built-in DIP switch for four-level driving current range, and designed for 0-10V dimming applications.

42/50W Flicker-Free "Pickle 2020" Series

Powerland's Pickle 2020 Series LED drivers offer flicker-free, programmable and wide-range dimmable output current LED Driver with less than 5% current ripple at 108~305Vac universal input. The output currents of this series are adjustable at 600-1400mA which is programmed through dimming wires, and designed for isolated 0(0.5)-10V/PWM/Rest dimming applications,  complying with UL8750 2th edition. It also offers optional 12V auxiliary power which is isolated from main output.