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13~52W Current DIP Settable Triac/ELV Dimming LED Drivers

Powerland's 13/20/36/52W Triac/ELV Dimming and Current DIP Settable Series offers constant current LED drivers with wide-range dimmable output current and 90~305Vac universal input.The output current of this series is settable with a built-in DIP switch for four-level driving current range, and designed for Triac/ELV dimming applications.

75W Super Slim 0-10V Dimming Series

Powerland's PLD075-1TCF3A is a super slim constant current driver with wide-range dimmable output current and 108~305Vac universal input. The output current of this series is up to 2A with external resistor current setting, and designed for 0-10V dimming applications.

42/50W Flicker-Free "Pickle-Blue" Wireless Series

Powerland s 42/50W Wireless Series LED drivers offer flicker-free, programmable and wide-range dimmable output current LED Driver with less than 5% current ripple at 108~305Vac universal input. The output currents of this series are adjustable at 600-1250mA which is programmed through Bluetooth (BLT SIG5.0), and designed for wireless programmable and dimming applications.