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GSL series 250~1200W programmable LED drive power supply

The 250~1200W LED driver power supply is equipped with dimming programming function, and the output voltage and current are adjusted by the programmer to improve the flexibility of customers. The self-contained 12V/200mA auxiliary power supply can supply power to the enclosure equipment. With knob dimming function, the output power can be adjusted manually. At the same time, it is compatible with 0-10V/PWM/resistor three dimming modes.

FGL Series 800W LED Driver

Powerland's 800W/1200W FGL/FGH series LED driver with programmable output current are designed for 0-10V/PWM/resistance dimming applications.

SMT Series 720W Intelligent Dimming Driver

SMT series 600W/720W/800W intelligent dimming driver with programmable output current, is designed for 0-10V/PWM/resistance dimming applications.