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Caesars Series 230~400W DCDC

Powrland "Caesar" series 230-400W DC/DC modules use PPU ™ Power module architecture design. This product adopts an ultra-thin design, with a thickness of only 25.5mm, and features high power density, high conversion efficiency, and high reliability. The "Caesar Series" supports fanless natural heat dissipation and 1+1 parallel function, making it easy to use and easy to expand power.

5.5kW 350~450V Series High Power DC/DC Module

The 350-450VDC input high power DC/DC module is an open frame DC/DC converter that converts 400V DC voltage to low voltage DC output with adjustable output voltage from 10 to 52Vdc and maximum output power of 5kW. It can meet the requirements of various applications with high efficiency and high power density. The module has the function of current equalization, supporting 10 modules in parallel. With CAN communication function, it can monitor and output voltage in real time. The product adopts independent cold plate structure design, the whole machine is easy to match the system installation.

"VC" Brick Series DC/DC Module

Compatible with VC brick type series DC-DC modules with patented inverter control topology circuit, advanced power processing, control and packaging technology, with high efficiency, high power density, low noise and other advantages. The product form factor and pin function are compatible with similar products from Vicor, and have higher efficiency and power density.