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250W DC/DC Converters 1 /

1 / 9 Website:www.powerlandtech.com Email: sales@powerlandtech.com The 4:1 input voltage 250W DC/DC converters includes remote ON/OFF. Threaded through holes are provided to allow easy mounting or addition of a heatsink for extended temperature operation. The converters with high efficiency and high power density are accomplished through use of high-efficiency synchronous rectification technology, advanced electronic circuit, packaging and thermal design thus resulting in a high reliability product. Converter operates at a fixed frequency and follows conservative component de-rating guidelines.

1kW "HV-Smart" Series DC/DC Converter

The high-voltage full-brick series DC/DC module adopts advanced circuit technology and process structure to achieve ultra-high power conversion efficiency. The modules are fixed frequency controlled, input and output isolated, and support on-board soldering. This series of products are fully hermetically sealed to ensure their normal operation under harsh conditions. This series of products are suitable for industrial, automotive, military and other fields.

10kW 600~750V High Power DC/DC Module

Powerland's 10kW 600-750V DC input high power DC/DC power module is an open frame DC/DC converter, converting wide range DC voltage to stable DC output, which is very suitable for the front stage of three-phase 380Vac input and uncontrolled rectified output. This series of high power module has parallel equal current function, which can be connected in parallel to expand the system power. The product has RS422 serial communication function, and the upper computer can make fault inquiry and switch on/off operation to the power supply through the serial communication. The product adopts independent cold plate structure design, and the whole machine is easy to install with the system.