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1.6kW mobile DR medical power supply

1.6kW mobile DR medical power supply

EMERGY 3000: 1.7/2.6kWh Energy Storage Systems

10kW three-phase AC/DC module converts three-phase 380Vac AC input into high-voltage DC output. This series of converter has built-in three-phase active PFC, without external EMI filter, which perfectly solves the problem of CE101 exceeding the standard in three-phase high-power power supply applications. The output voltage range of this series of modules is the same as that of traditional passive PFC, which is very convenient for the upgrading of the overall power supply system. The module is sealed with metal shell, which is suitable for harsh environmental conditions such as vehicular, shipborne and ground equipment.

230~400W Caser Series ACDC

"Caser" series 230-400W AC/DC modules use PPU ™ Power module architecture design. This product adopts an ultra-thin design, with a thickness of only 25.5mm, and features high power density, high conversion efficiency, and high reliability. The "Caesar Series" supports fanless natural heat dissipation and 1+1 parallel function, making it easy to use and easy to expand power.